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Become a Client – Our Approach

When you start working with The Capital Advisory Group Advisory Services, we become your “personalized Chief Financial Officer,” offering the resources to coordinate all of your financial needs.

The Capital Advisory Group Advisory Services, has developed strategic alliances* with key professionals who can handle your estate planning, retirement planning, and even your tax planning.

We believe that the synergy created by professionals working together makes our team approach more efficient than working with any one of us individually. Unlike many brokers, we are an independent group with no proprietary investment products to push.

We have found that the out-of-date commission system is an obstacle to conscientious advisors because it stresses transactions, which may not always be in your best interest.

Our fees vary depending on portfolio size, type of assets, and management style.

Because our fees increase only if your portfolio grows, our interests are aligned with yours. We focus on your financial objectives and your future.

*The above mentioned third party consulting firms is not and should not be construed as a blanket recommendation endorsement or sponsorship by United Planners Financial Services. These firms are not affiliated with or employees of United Planners Financial Services. We do not supervise these firms and take no responsibility to monitor the services they provide to you. You must decide whether to hire these firms and the appropriateness of their services. 

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Neither United Planners nor its financial professionals render legal or tax advice. We work with you and your tax and legal counsel to assist you with your estate and tax plan. Keep in mind that investors must consider their risk tolerance and investment objectives to stay invested during down markets. Past performance does not guarantee future results and investing during any market cycle poses risks including the loss of principal.